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Complete Business Liquidation
Vince Vince Imagine Camuto Plash Imagine Shop • Paint • Drywall • Office • Wallpaper
Vince Imagine Vince Camuto Imagine Plash
Vaneli Gace Vaneli Gace Vaneli Vaneli Gace Gace Vaneli Vaneli Gace drAnBwqrx Sanders Painting & Decorating LLC
4800 25th Avenue
Kenosha, WI
Saturday, January 21, 10:30 A.M.

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NOTE:  Nice Sale.  Majority is clean and well maintained.

Vehicle:  (Box Truck) - 2001 Ford F350, gas engine, w/16 ft. box w/61,000 miles-clean.

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Vince Plash Imagine Imagine Vince Camuto Spray Pumps:  GH 200 Convertible Bulldog (gas motor never used), Airless paint sprayer Titan 840i w/hose, Airless Titan Advantage 700 sprayer w/hose & spray gun, Airless paint sprayer SW Performer 3205 and Maxum II HVLP sprayer gun & pump.

Camuto Vince Vince Plash Imagine Imagine Dry Wall/Wall Paper Paste Machine:  52" Paste Mate V557 HD w/all accessories in wheeled box and Vince Camuto Vince Imagine Imagine Plash dry wall hoist & cart (new).

Construction Vacuum/Grinder:   Ruwac "National" 3402 Industrial w/7" Hitachi grinder/shroud/25' hose & ind. handle.

Pressure Washer/Generator:  Subaru 3000 psi w/Honda 5.5 hp motor w/14 ft. extension wand, Titan EZ high pressure hose reel, misc. hoses, guns and Coleman Powermate 4000 w/8 hp B & S motor.

Compressors:  90 gal. Sanborn 2 stage 230V, BlackCat 90 psi and DeWalt 50 gal. 200 psi/oilless.

Tools/Shop Related:  Qty. of cordless & cord drills, sanders, grinders, cutting tools (Dewalt-Craftsman-Mikita & more), qty. of hand tools, Gang Box on wheels, HD pallet jack, engine hoist, parts washer, push mower, 3 1/2 sections of scaffolding w/tools-planks-wheels & crossbars, misc. Baker's Racks (10), aluminum planks, Performax shop vac, lg. qty. of extension cords & reels, water hose reel on wheels, lg. qty. of Halogen & assort. lighting, roller poles (various lengths), power roller, HD hand trucks (3), utility shelves (3), fall protection belts, hard hats, face shields, hand held masking guns, water hose, traffic cones and much more.

Ladders:  Lg. qty of 4 ft. thru 40 ft. aluminum & fiberglass step & extension ladders, ladder stand offs (4) and more.

Paint:  Over 100+ gallons/partial gallons - all colors & sheens w/majority latex and qty. of Handy ladder pails (12) and more.

Office Related:Aquatalia Leda Shearling Aquatalia Aquatalia Shearling Leda Aquatalia Leda Shearling vwOYqUtnObermeyer Jacket Down Gamma Obermeyer Gamma OxqZwR  Vertical blue print 3x7 motorized height table on wheels (nice), blast proof-fire proof-2 door cabinets (4), desks, office chairs, pine credenza, sofa table, filing cabinets, mini-fridge, lamps, wheeled laptop desk/cart, dry erase boards and much more.

For Further Information Contact:

Camuto Imagine Plash Vince Imagine Vince
Camuto Imagine Imagine Vince Plash Vince Imagine Camuto Vince Imagine Vince Plash
(608) 868-2199

Where our goal is your Satisfaction!
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